Electric Joy

Electric Joy

Today I had an amazing ride. I’ve had some electric bikes to rent at my shop for a few months and I have taken them out on small excursions. Today I went a little farther. Actually, I rode into an electric world. Almost as electrifying as the honorable Dr. Albert Hoffman’s crazy ride on the 19th of April 1943.
I’ve always had a bit (or a lot) of a bias against motorized bikes. The two stroke gasoline monstrosities are of particular distain to me. The noise and smoke. The old Peugeot moped had pedals but they were essentially useless. They were motor cycles. The electric bike that have throttles are little different. You hit the accelerator and it goes. Pedaling minimal. Again a motorized cycle.

But the Giant Explore electric “assist” bicycle I rode today was more of a cyclist’s bike. If you don’t pedal it don’t go. It has several settings, so you can adjust the amount of help (freedom) you require. Generally I leave it in the lowest setting (eco) but when the road starts to steepen I kick in the other levels. Closing in on a peak I’m in “Sport Mode” and the road less traveled is mine to ride.

Up into the redwoods I rode. Climbing was still an effort but it wasn’t a torturous ride, it was joyful! My range was increased at least two-fold in the time I had to ride. I got tons of exercise and my legs feel as wobbly now as they would after any other ride. I just rode further and faster! I tackled mountains that I would have eschewed. I took routes that would have been nearly impossible had I not had the “assist”. I came back enthralled with this newest of e-bike technology.

Today’s ride has changed everything I ever thought about “electric” bikes. I ride the body electric.

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