Bicycle Journeys Philosophy

The bicycle is the most human form of transportation and gives its rider a lush and fulfilling experience. The pace is perfect. Walking can only get you so far and driving a car disconnects you from your environment with artificial air and radio distracting you and distancing you from the place you travel through. Slow country roads are avoided and wide fast roads preferred to get you “there”. The bike gets you there by keeping you “here” in the moment, connected. Sonoma and Marin offer riders beautiful vistas, lush natural settings, and a rich history to explore. Bicycle Journeys designs rides that offer ways to interact and connect with this beautiful setting.

I love cycling, nature, and Sonoma and Marin’s West County history and vibe. Long winding country roads, grass covered fields, oak studded hillsides, Redwood groves and the spectacular Pacific coastline offer some of the best cycling on this planet. Our unique landscape has also become a focal point for permaculture, foodie culture, localvore culture, and counter culture. Everything you need is found “here”. Bicycle Journeys is here to help you experience this unique place with equally unique fully supported bicycling tours.

What is Glamping? (Glamorous camping)

Glamping is the kind of camping you have only dreamed of. Large luxurious European bell tents with queen sized beds and deluxe linens with turn down service, carpets, bedside tables and LED lamps. Local/organic foods prepared three times daily. Campfires tended. Every measure is taken to insure your comfort while camping in the beautiful Sonoma and Marin County outdoors.

Is glamping a little over the top for you? We can offer any logistical help from fully supported glamping tours to baggage service so that you can ride from destination to destination without carrying a heavily loaded bike.

Guided or self-guided tours available.